Ohm for Sale

I hope this is not the end……




Sorry to hear that. I've been on the fence for more than a year about buying a pair. Not being able to audition has held me back a bit. I hope they continue in business until something is worked out.

If I could get my wish I’d vote for whoever owns KEF these days to acquire Ohm and use their proven R&D resources to take the Ohm products to the next level the same way they do with current KE products. I think Ohm speakers would supplement the existing KEF line very nicely! Many others too perhaps mainly because they are battle proven and completely unique and not just a new brand name for basically the same old box speaker design approach.

Note: I run both smaller  KEF meta (with subwoofer added) and larger full range Ohm speakers in my main system these days, each in a different room. KEF has creeped up in my speaker company rankings in recent years greatly. If Ohm went under and my current Ohms bite the dust someday before I do, KEF would likely be where I would look to for practical replacements.



Map, your Ohms will be pretty much serviceable for a long time, with a bit of DYI or someone else doing it for you! All will be good!

I think its worth noting that John Strohbeen is a long proven business man with a lot of industry connections,  not merely a MIT trained technical guy/engineer.   HE started and owned Tech Hifi which had many outlets in teh Northeast for a number of years before getting out of that business and focusing on Ohm.

So both my hope and prediction is that the sale goes to a company that can take what it buys and continue to move it forward. I have nothing but confidence that is what JS has in mind.   We will see.

@jstrohbeen if you are out there,  maybe give us a sign?


@frazeur1 I’ve had my current Ohms since ~ 2008 and not looking to jinx anything but no doubt when the inevitable day comes where they need something, I will do whatever it takes to keep them going.