Ohm for Sale

I hope this is not the end……




Map, your Ohms will be pretty much serviceable for a long time, with a bit of DYI or someone else doing it for you! All will be good!

I think its worth noting that John Strohbeen is a long proven business man with a lot of industry connections,  not merely a MIT trained technical guy/engineer.   HE started and owned Tech Hifi which had many outlets in teh Northeast for a number of years before getting out of that business and focusing on Ohm.

So both my hope and prediction is that the sale goes to a company that can take what it buys and continue to move it forward. I have nothing but confidence that is what JS has in mind.   We will see.

@jstrohbeen if you are out there,  maybe give us a sign?


@frazeur1 I’ve had my current Ohms since ~ 2008 and not looking to jinx anything but no doubt when the inevitable day comes where they need something, I will do whatever it takes to keep them going.

Good on you Map, nice when something just works and sounds so good, and has been a part of your system for so long. Nice to be able to keep things going! 


I imagine John will do everything he can to make sure things are in good hands with the handoff, if/when the time comes. 

When I went to buy my Ohm 1000s four or five years ago, I asked them about their business continuity plans since I knew John was getting up in years. I was told that Evan was the next generation of management. I last heard from Evan this past February, just a few months ago, when he answered a question I had.

I'm guessing that John wants out but Evan doesn't have the needed money to purchase the company himself, hence the search for an outside buyer or investor.

While I'd be sad if they can't arrange a suitable sale, I'm not too worried about my speakers. I don't listen loudly enough to burn them out, and any manufacturing defects would have shown up long ago. My speakers are pretty certain to outlive me.