Ohm Micro Walsh Talls spkrs vs Totem Arro or Hawk?

I was checking out reviews on Totem speakers on AG's speaker forum, and came across a comparative reviews about the Ohm Acoustics Micro Walsh Talls (actually they are 36x6x6) vs Totem Arro. I was astounded that Ohm was still in business, and also thought omnidirectional speakers had bit the dust about 15 years ago. (However, Duevel MB's speakers claim omnidirectional sound) The concept of omni sound os intriguing, but I NEVER heard one that either sounded good or had accurate, tonality, imaging and soundstaging.

I am considering an alternative set of speakers just to play around with for now, but they could become the main guns if I have to move and sell my beloved Acoustic Zen Adagios.

So, I would greatly appreciate some input from members who either own or recently audtioned a pair of the Ohm Micro Walsh "Talls", especially in comparison to speakers in their approx price range of $1400 ( The Ohms are strictly sold direct mail with a generous 120 day trial period).....One AG blogger claimed the Walsh Micro Talls out performed the Totem Arros, Totem Staff, and even the Totem Hawk which I think is an excellent speaker, but grossly over priced at $2600 (new retail), and even used are about at $1500 Will appreciate all comments and inputs. Thank you.
I've got the micro talls and enjoy them very much. Largely because as Omni's, they can be enjoyed from anywhere in the room. They have a decent tonal balance. I have them on the diaganol in a room, and I have a chair "behind" them in the corner. I particularly like sitting in that chair (about 4' from each speaker) - it creates a soundstage between the two speakers. Anyhow, they are very nice - but I don't think you get the same precise imaging that you get with Totems with the Ohms. Also, the Ohms are pretty laid back whereas the Totems are more detailed.
do not touch totem arro or hawks your better off to move up to the forests. The Shamans,winds and Forests have different drives than the Hawks or arro
Be sure and review the thread: Ohm Walsh Micro Talls: who's actually heard 'em? This is the most extant review of Ohm speakers (not just the Ohm Micro Walsh Talls although there is a good bit of that) that I know of on ANY forum.
Ohm offers an in-home 120 day trial you may wish to consider. I owned some vintage Ohm FRS speakers until recently and their sound is addicting and the entire room is a sweet spot with an amazing sense of you-are-there presence. I'd buy another smaller pair of Ohms in a minute if I can find a pair of 2s.
I have been listening to bipolar and omnidirectional Mirage loudspeakers for 15 years, and have been extremely satisfied with the OMD-15s for the past three. These were originally $2500/pair (more in the price range of the Ohm 2000's), but are available through Vann's for about $1K/pair.

The Ohm MicroWalsh is rated for a 1000 cu. ft. room max, which is about 11x12 with an 8' ceiling. That's a small bedroom. I have my OMD-15s in an open architecture living space with vaulted ceiling over a 2000 sq ft living room with one whole room boundary opening onto the dining room and upper hall. These speakers have never struggled to fill that space and energize those rooms.

Well-designed omnis have particularly good soundstage and timbre. The Mirages are the culmination of 25 years of research into the interaction of speakers and room boundaries to more fully replicate the soundstage, tonality, and timbres of live music. In the 3-1/2 years I've had these they have never disappointed. Soundstage is as big and stable as a live performance. Tonal balance remains the same throughout the listening area. There are no suckouts, no upper bass bloat, no nasality, no shrill or subdued highs. They are also deceptively resolving. It takes 100 hours break-in to get them in the hunt, but they keep getting better for the next 1000. With LP sources I can hear deeply into the recordings and soundstage.

Reviewers go ga-ga over the MBLs but there are few other high enders that do the omni thing. Mirage did it right and I suspect so does Ohm. Everything I've read about Ohm's tonality reminds me of how I perceive my Mirages.

Anyway, unless you must stick to a 6x6 footprint, the OMD-15 would give you more bang for the buck, but only because of the Vann's closeout. If you need a 6x6 footprint, Mirage also makes the very elegant OS3FS, which has stunning clarity and imaging. Its lower reach isn't quite up to the OMD-15 but with a matching sub or two, you'll be at the MicroWalsh's price point, have more room-filling power, and deeper bass extension. That MM8 sub is a fantastic little musical sub. I have one and may be getting a second.