Ohm Speakers and Services prices to increase September 1st

Just got an email from Ohm explaining the price increase about to take place.  Current prices will be honored for orders placed by August 31st, but they often close for vacation at some point in the summer, so keep that in mind.
I just checked the site yesterday, to see if there were any new products and was stunned to see the new prices. It's a massive increase! My 3000's are now $5400. Up from $4000. That's a 35% increase. I realize they hadn't had an increase in a long time, but that is big jump. I consider these as my final pair speakers, but I hope this doesn't scare off new customers. 
This is where the world is going unfortunately, due to COVID's impact.  If you are on the fence about any brand and think you'll pull the trigger on a product eventually, try to do it sooner than later.  A price increase is looming for everyone.
@audiothesis... You're too late for Ohm.  My speakers increased $1000 to $3800 pr.  The price was steady for over 10 years.

Two points... 1. IMHO, the Walsh 2000, my awesome speakers since 2009, is still a great value at the new price.  2.  It speaks volumes that most of Ohm's current line has been unchanged for over a decade.  Most speaker companies replace their products every few years to gin up sales and get fresh reviews from the audio press.  John Strohbeen just wants to offer great sounding speakers at reasonable prices, at which task he succeeds spectacularly, IMO.
With their new price increase they're slightly ahead of inflation for the next few years.

My Walsh 4's were $1,895 in 1984 which is roughly equivalent to $5000 today.
My 4's current equivalent is the Walsh 3000 which retails now for $5400.

However, in 1984 they were sold through distributors, now it's factory direct.

We, the current owners of OHM speakers, regardless of vintage, are their universal sales force.

I'm sure John and Evan realize this.