Ohm Walsh 4 Month Home Trial Money-Back Guarantee?

Hello all: I've read about Ohm's money back guarantee. Heard their speakers many years ago and they were special. In fact I was ready to purchase the fabulous Ohm C in the 70's but the shop said they were out of stock and the factory was on strike. In my normal impatience, I went down the street and purchased the ESS Heil AMT 2's, another fabulous speaker that I wish I still owned! That was a long time ago. These days I'm considering purchasing a very good quality full range set of speakers. Of course, I want to do a home audition in my system, that's a prerequisite! In my home area there are B&W, Energy, Mirage, Genesis, Klipsch, Paradigm, Magnepan, but you can only home audition a few of these brands. That 4 month home trial of Ohm's sounds great, so Ohm is on my short list. I currently have Definitive Technology BP 7002 speakers, Analysis Plus Oval Nine speaker cables, with a McIntosh MA6900 integrated(200 watts per channel continuous), Simaudio Nova Cdp, Shunyata Hydra 4 and listen to Classic Jazz, Classic and Progressive Rock and R&B. My listening room (family room) is a rectangle, 10 ft wide by 18 ft long by 7 ft high. I'm looking for a full range speaker that offers everything top to bottom; big powerful low end, nice midrange, and crystalline high end. Looking to spend $2500- $3500. Do you know of other quality companies that offer in home trials, and have a full range speaker meeting my top to bottom criteria? My research in this price range has not uncovered anything except Ohm. And, what do you think of the Ohm Walsh line? (Thinking of the Ohm Walsh 200 mkII or 300 mkII. Thanks
I recommend that you try the Ohms! There are many great options in your price range, but with a money back/4 month trial period, it's worth a try. They are very capable of what you are looking for.

My system is a very similar. My Mac integrated is an older version of yours, and I'm also running the same cables. The combo seems to work very well with the Ohms (I have MicroWalsh Talls).

The midrange purity with lack of crossover in that critical area is very addictive. At HE in New York last month, it took some very expensive systems to achieve what my little Ohms can do for a only a grand. It's a great design, I can listen for hours (to music, not my system). The big sweet spot and major bass response is another plus (among many others).

For my sized room/price range, nothing (monitor or floorstanding) can touch the MicroWalshes. You're spending a lot more, so your options change - maybe someone else here can recommend an alternative. I haven't heard the larger Ohms, but I would bet they'll give comparably priced models some very stiff competition.

If you haven't yet, check out these sixmoons.com reviews:


Thanks for your informative response Zkzpb8. I plan to audition them soon. Probably the 100mk2's since it may be that my room is too small for the 200's or 300's.
I have owned Ohms starting with a pair of Ohms F's to the Ohms Walsh 4's now with the Ohm's 300mk11, what can I say I am Hooked on the sound. The 300's will work very well with my large room 20x20x18 feet high. The 300's are power hungry and run at a average of 6.5 ohm's impedence your Mac will push them but not to high levels. I had a Mac 2270 which was replaced with a Bryston 4BST with much better results. As far as the long demo period these speakers require a long break in period nearly the lenght of the home demo period.Ohm also they offer a trade in policy 2nd to none, each time I replaced a older model with a newer one I recieved full credit for the purchace price of the model I was trading in. These speakers will treat you to a wonderfull soundstage great imaging and a non fatiguing sound for years to come.
P. S. your room is not small for the 200's I would recommend them, they also would work well with your 6900

I started hanging around this site several months ago after various 17 year old stereo components of mine started to die of old age, hoping to get some hints and deals for a long-needed upgrade (obviously more a music lover than an audiophile!)

Probably the only thing I won't be completely replacing is my 17 year old Ohm Walsh 4X0s. Still love them. GREAT sound anywhere in the room (I mostly listen to classical, mostly chamber music). OK to look at. And almost indestructable: I bought them back then to provide great sound at significant volumes in fairly large rooms for workshops I was leading, carting them all over the country for years with only minimal packing, and now there's only a few minor blemishes on them, and no functional problems at all in the 17 years I've had them!

Rather than get new speakers by someone else, most of which at similar prices don't really hold a candle to these, IMHO, I am thinking of getting the new upgraded drivers that Ohm makes for my model for only $1.5K. I am very impressed with the company for the way they handle this upgrade as well: They send me the new drivers and new grills to put in the cabinet, and I have 60 days, to audition them and either send the old ones to them, or return the new ones. I also find that they are a good company to deal with, and respond quickly and helpfully to my e-mails.

I don't know about your particular situation, nor am I up to date on their current line of speakers, but I can certainly endorse the Ohms in general. BTW, my wife is pushing for the surround sound HT thingy, as it seems every wife in the world is, and the one time I heard an Ohm set up it was QUITE impressive for the price.