Ohm Walsh F Hope of Resurrection

Now I have F's with rotten surrounds, but rest look nice, perfect even. Cones, spiders look great. 

One surround is done, decimated.  Other is intact, perhaps replacement as is not identical. 

Perhaps I try replacing surround? 
Any new and improved surround options? Willing to replace/ get repaired more, if necessary.  

Cursory search doesn't reveal any drop in replacement.  Or, am I wrong? I see the Ohm return/upgrade to newer version options. 

Experienced and insider opinions sought. I'm not cheap, and I'll spend the money to obtain the exceptional if needed. So, what are the likely and less likely options   TIA
What is that one "clone", HHR? Need to check...  i heard it at a show years ago. 
mapman, some nice guidance, and yes, I plan on adequate clean power. I have no desire to abuse gear; all my years I have never blown out a driver, even when I built my own "cabinets" for my coaxial car speakers that sat in the hatchback area aeons ago. I'm more into quality with quantity as opposed to quantity and more quantity.  

I never take speakers to the point of clipping; I greatly value my hearing and do not wish to introduce the potential for hearing damage. So, these will be handled well, not abusively. 

I will look forward to trying the Pass Labs XA200.8 Monos with them. I suspect they will be quite attractive sounding with those amps. 

Yep agree, can’t sacrifice quality, but when it comes to symphony orchestras, big bands, and the like, it takes more than average muscle as well to deliver the goods at home in a manner that at least somewhat resembles what one would hear live. Especially with modest sized full range speakers. Just have to be sure to take care of the ears along the way as well. Too much too often is not a good thing no matter how exhilarating it might be otherwise..
              You could talk to Dave Cox of Puckerbrush Audio in Norway Maine.  Dave is a Ohm speaker collector and has worked on a number of Ohm f's over the years. He is a friend and has worked on such speakers as a couple of JBL Paragons for me with great results. I had a pair of F's a number of years back and they definitely have a certain magic to them. I must say that I heard Dale's speakers at Axpona and they were out of this world!
Best of luck,
Thank you all for the continued advice and encouragement!

I have acted on one avenue of potential repair/restoration, which I found myself. My request from a local dealer went nowhere, and the request of a well regarded speaker repair shop about 1.5 hours away sank when they refused to work on it. That convinced me not to try by myself; good move, given I have zero experience in this activity.

My repair plan for the speakers involves two 12 hour round trip days in the car, as I was not interested in shipping them due to the potential for damage. I am willing to work a bit to get these drivers back into operating condition. The drivers have been in the possession of the repair facility, so they should be done sooner rather than later. Then, one more day in a car, and... COOL OMNI SPEAKERS TO ENJOY! ;)

In terms of the cabinet damage, where it is splitting along one of the front corners, at least a clean split from the outside; I will probably just shoot some glue into the fissure from the inside of the cabinet to prevent further compromise, probably use Gorilla Glue, and then put some wood putty into the gap. If I sand it down right, it shouldn’t be ghastly.

CALLING CABINET MAKERS/REPAIRERS... What do you think about that fix? The MDF seems to be the patchier kind, so trying to push hard on it and screw it back together might cause more damage. What’s the best stuff to shoot into the gap to hold it?

Lastly, I think I’ll try a simple, likely effective maneuver of placing about .5" pliable foam sheeting inside the cabinets (not glued, just put in position) to help with cabinet resonances. I suspect that will tighten it up a bit on the low end. Rapping on the cabinet is like ringing a wooden bell, even while the stock stuffing is inside! I’m not going to have that kind of distortion if I can help it. If my solution doesn’t work, I have not lost much and I pull it out. Or, maybe I can put steel straps inside, and fill the cabinets with 400 pounds of sand! ;) LOL I have filled one or two speaker cabinets in the past, and frankly, I didn’t like the result all that much. The bass on this will be like Harbeth, Audio Note, Tannoy, etc. with the hollow cabinet feel, which I’m not overly crazy about, but it’s an alternative toy. I don’t need to perfect it.

Imagine, these were a "last resort" call from the family who knew I was big into audio, as they were about to take them to the dump!
Hello Doug.  Remember when we sat listening to the TL-1 in Dale Harder's room at Axpona?  IMHO that was best in show.  After that I wouldn't bother with Ohm F, but to each his own and a good project is always interesting. Talk to Cascade Audio Engineering about coatings and appliques to damp MDF enclosures.  I have used their VBLOK paint to good effect inside various MDF cabinets. You can mix that with brass powder if you want to get fancy. They have since introduced a variety of padding conceived for automotive applications that may help as well.  Use two-part epoxy mixed with saw dust to repair or strengthen broken or crumbling MDF.