Ohm Walsh F Hope of Resurrection

Now I have F's with rotten surrounds, but rest look nice, perfect even. Cones, spiders look great. 

One surround is done, decimated.  Other is intact, perhaps replacement as is not identical. 

Perhaps I try replacing surround? 
Any new and improved surround options? Willing to replace/ get repaired more, if necessary.  

Cursory search doesn't reveal any drop in replacement.  Or, am I wrong? I see the Ohm return/upgrade to newer version options. 

Experienced and insider opinions sought. I'm not cheap, and I'll spend the money to obtain the exceptional if needed. So, what are the likely and less likely options   TIA
What is that one "clone", HHR? Need to check...  i heard it at a show years ago. 
Douglas John Strohbeen has stated in interviews the issues with driving Fs well without damage and maintaining them properly is supposedly the reason why the design was dropped. Not practically supportable.
I think with any amp you just want to be very careful.
It’s the CLS design driver that replaced the original Walsh driver that resolved that issue. Every CLS Ohm I have owned will take whatever you throw at them and deliver effortlessly. I have never heard or owned original Fs. Mine are newer CLS design on refurbed F cabinets. Totally different. So I can only repeat what I have read there. Ferrofluid was introduced into the F design as I understand it to help address that issue as well. Clipping is never good either hence the challenge. I would try a higher power amp like a Class D for more bang for the buck if needed . But be careful.
First listen sublime; it was a good call and project that will yield much enjoyment. 
Congratulations on bringing the speakers back to life! Did you mention where you ultimately got them serviced?