Ohm Walsh Talls and amplification

Ok, I am perplexed and I would appreciate any feedback you can give me. I am interested in getting a pair of Ohm Tall speakers. Initially (based off from Steve Guttenberg's and Zeos' reviews) i assumed that the 2000s were the ones for me. I don't see where Zeos' or Steve's rooms are any bigger than mine but, I measure the square footage of my room last night and it's only 353 square feet! Zeos himself even said that the 1000s were the correct size for his room, but he just wanted to go bigger. So, my first question is: Can you use a bigger Ohm Tall than what your room requires (as Zeos does)? Also, these speakers seem to love power. Steve drove his with a Mytek amp and a big Pass Labs amp. I cannot afford  Pass Labs and, the Mytek...well, I *could* maybe swing that but, Zeos uses a pair of Crown amps that are not made for audio but for DJs and live entertainers, etc. Obviously, he's very happy with the results. I finally did call John Strohbeen and he confirmed that the Talls love power... he suggested Mytek, Peachtree, certain NAD models, and Emotiva as affordable amps that have good results. I then asked him about Zeos using the Crown amps and he said, "Yeah, that's another way to go that's very affordable." I asked him if the sound was good and he said, "Yeah, it sounds good. In fact, we used something like Crown that here in our factory for quite a while." So, my second question is: what success have you had in the way of amplification with your Ohm Talls? 
Oddtodd, in my conversation with John, I made it clear I could not afford something like a PassLabs amp, so I asked him to talk in terms of affordable gear. Like was mentioned above, he readily told me about driving the 2000s with the (very affordable) Outlaw receiver. I asked him how Ohms sound with Class D amps as a lot of them are affordable. He said they sound fine and told me a number of customers had success with Emotiva amps. I specifically mentioned Zeos' driving his with those Crown PA amps and John said, "Yeah, that's another way you could go." And I laughed and asked, "Yeah, but...I wonder how that SOUNDS?!" And he said, "We had something like that same set up for quite a while here in our shop. It sounded good!" 
As I have posted elsewhere, I recently replaced a broken Odyssey Audio Kismet Reference amp (A/B) with a class D amp from Arion Audio.  The Arion is actually smoother and cleaner than the Kismet, by a very noticeable amount.  The combo of the Arion S500 with my 2000s is wonderful, and the Ohms clearly showed the many differences between the two amps.  Bottom line, John's speakers will sound good with almost any amp of sufficient power, but ever better with better amps, including really good ones that cost more than the speakers.
Given how much I like the Pass Labs with mine, if I were on a budget I would look for a used BAT VK200.

They can be found in the 1k range, sometimes even less.  They sound very similar to Pass Labs IMO and would do a great job.
Here is some information that might be useful. I recently put in an order for a pair Ohm F-5015s that have onboard Icepower subwoofer amps to power the subwoofers. My wood furniture provides some constraints on the depth of the amp that that fits and the heat that is produced. I had several discussions with John and Evan at Ohm on integrated amps / separates. John told me that I should get an amp rated at 300 watts to really make them sound good. Of the options we discussed, only one amp fit my furniture, had the required power (not Parasound), had the needed subwoofer inputs and had a lower price (not NAD). I just purchased a gently used Peachtree Nova 500 per John’s and Evan’s recommendation and saved some money from the current selling price. The Peachtree wifi module will become available in February, which is about the time that my speakers will ship to me from Ohm.
I'd suggest checking out Parasound - The NewClassic line performs great for the money, IMO.  The class AB power amps are very nice and the new class D integrated is getting great reviews...