OJC lps RIP?

Is this true that there will no longer be OJC lps produced? Although the sonics were never first rate, there was something nice about a tic and pop free $10 disc.
My understanding is that OJC has not been producing LP's for some time although there is an inventory out there. (I spoke with them a few years ago about this). I own several hundred and while I would agree that the original issue would be preferable, many OJC's are excellent (and some are fair or about the same as a CD) but you can't really generalize. Some sound like they have had some digital processing but others have the real analog magic. Overall, I think they are a good value for the average $8 I have paid for brand new LP's (I got some volume discounts on them) compared to the $75 to $125 I would typically pay for an excellent to very good copy of an original sought after Prestige or Blue Note.
I think mint reissues are generally undervalued on Ebay (or more accurately, mediocre originals are way over valued). Like you suggest, give me a mint OJC over a pop and crackle original at 10 times the price anyday.
Any suggestions for a good source to buy them? I've purchased several from Acoustic Sounds and almost every single one has been warped beyond belief.
Fantasy has been purchased by Concord (last year). The new websire makes no mention of LPs. I assume some of the larger mailorder places bought the remaining inventory (Acoustic Sounds, Music Direct), and are peddling them.

Bought 10 titles for Christmas from AS, and most were warped to some degree or other. Disappointing, to say the least. And I normally LOVE the OJC reissues, must have close to a hundred or so. I'd say look for them in the used record stores, where you can see what you're getting. And they should only be $5 or so. Just my HO.
Sorry to hear about the warped records. You should return them. The AS people are pretty good about this in my experience. I've bought many (perhaps 25 - 50) from AS with little or no problems. I'v bought a lot of non-OJC's (even so-called 180 and 200 gram audiophile LP's) and had the occassional problem with these as well so I don't think it's an OJC thing. Most of my new LP's were from Music Direct but I think both distributors are good - Misic Direct has a little better pricing. OJC's can be generally had on EBAY for $7-$17.