Ok, but does your audio gear have rotons (metamaterials)?

Not yet. But get ready for the LS50 Meta Meta.

"A group of researchers is working on metamaterials that "grow" rotons. Metamaterials exhibit optical, acoustic, electrical, or magnetic properties that are not found in nature.…Thus, it might be possible in the future to better manipulate sound waves in air or in materials, for example, to bounce them back, redirect them, or create echoes. These materials have not been demonstrated experimentally yet; however, it should be possible to produce them by using technologies such as ultra-precise 3D laser printing." https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2021/06/210610135559.htm

I had the Kef Ls 50’s Metas on loan from a friend and my 50th anniversaries and i would never spend 1300 to 1500 to replace 50th anniversary now with Dirac in the picture. Using an Arcam sa30 is a game changer and you can set different filters you can also do a sweet spot mode a focused mode or a wide mode or turn it off for all analog as my room was designed using Cardas ratio. To me they are both great values in audio probably one of the best besides my Hales T-8’s or my Sonus Faber Extremas. The most beautiful part about the metas is I just purchased a brand new pair of LS 50 black edition for 600 bucks brand new in the box. Going to use them downstairs using my old Rotel 1067 that’s had a recap it’s a monster which has a linear power supply big toroidal transformer. The beautiful thing about this whole situation is now a lot of people can afford a super class A speaker for less than half of what it cost originally. The black edition pair that I got I open the box myself and I paid the guy 600 bucks. It’s a win win. I will say the navy blue LS 50 meta with the champagne driver was so cool looking stunning but it was not worth $1000 more with dirac in the picture and even my schciitt audio Loki+ can help improve it but to me the old ones they don’t need anything with Dirac. And for 600 for a pair the brand new blacks editions with the flat black driver and metallic cabinet looks cool as hell. If you have the original LS 50’s no need to upgrade. Not enough their. Just my humble opinion. Spend 1500 on records/cd,s or Audirvana or a Schiit Frey+/ Vidar or a Gungnir dac or even a new Schiit biforst 2 for a killer bedroom system. Goood job kef good job
PS also if you notice most companies say we reserve the right to improve our product without any notice after listening to my blacks they sound a little bit tighter in the bass than my original 50th anniversary which makes them play lower and louder and clearer. Yes I heard this  difference. Also from an audio designer friend of mine who said Kef made changes in later productions of the LS 50’s and I hear it. It shows also name with held to protect the innocent. Enjoy both speakers they are fabulous transducers and a bargain in audio. If you would had said 20 years ago I would be would be able to buy a speaker with this kind of sound quality for this kind of money I would have laughed you out of the room. 🤘🤘🤘