OK folks, what the best pre for under 10,000?

Excluding "statement" preamps like the new Naim pre that I'm sure is wonderful, but was never really designed to sell, just stand as an example for the rest of their "trickle down" line. Or the Levinson #32 at, what is it? $15,000. Also, must be a relatively newer model. Examples: Levinson 380S, Pass Labs X1, Bat , audio research, your favorite ______ ? And, if your feeling verbose, why you feel that way.
I would like to also nominate Sugden Masterclass Pre-Amplifier (UK Retail Price £1995.00 inc.)
I'm partial to the BAT VK51SE. But, I'll say any recomendation is system dependent. What else is in your setp?

For the Wadia owner above, ever try a top rank preamp in the chain? I had a 860, the BAT preamp helped it a bunch in my system. Better dynamics, wider stage, deeper stage, only exception was I thought that the detail was slightly better direct. This could have been interconnect related as I didn't have the same interconnects between the wadia and amp, as between the Wadia, pre, then amp. Used Transparent Ref xlr's direct, then Ultra xlr's between Wadia and pre.

I do agree though, saving 9k on a preamp, 1-2k of more interconnects and power cords, going direct is a steal. If you have to have a pre (lp's) it does help.
Mcintosh C2200 ($4500), Highly regarded and well reviewed. Recent Hifi+ issue loved it. Being a Mcintosh they had low expectations, but were greatly surprised at just how good it was, noting it was the most fun the reviewer has had with a component in a long time.

Others... deHavilland (~$3000), Blue Circle (but dual volume controls bug me)...