OK...here's another tweak that really works

I recently recabled my reference 2 channel system. The upgrade in sound broke new ground in what I thought was possible with existing components. I had not, however, heard of the Matthew Bond Audio Cascade Noise Burn-In Disc - V. 2.0 until it was referenced in one of the fairly recent Forum Posts.  More out of curiosity and the fact that I have had some very positive results with other assorted/sundry tweaks, I decided to give it a try. I have played the disc only a couple of times and  am amazed at hearing a very real improvement in all aspects of the system and especially the glare that I really didn't know existed.

Anyway, I would enjoy hearing from any of you that has had some exposure to this or other tweaks of this kind. 




Also, I certainly feel all have the right to express themselves; I just don't see the utility of calling BS each time anyone asks about their experience with a product. The posters are asking for opinions from people who have actually tried the product and have something helpful to say

"And it's a CD for fu*&^'s sake! Buying to try it won't ruin anyone's financial life"

Not that my financial life is of anyone's business, despite what most of the naysayers out there seem to think. Gotta save me from myself, right? LOL.


I've learned to just ignore the people on here who share uninformed opinions about a product. I mean, they've never actually tried the product in question, but they vehemently seem to think their opinion matters. They're usually big fans of ASR, lol.





Thanks guys. I probably should have said that I use the Ayre Disc regularly and that what I'm experiencing with the Mathew Bond Disc is a different kind of improvement. 

Also, even though I still play CDs, I'm more focused now on streaming using Tidal. So all I can say is that the benefits do not seem to be source dependent.

As an aside comment...it amazes me that audiophiles will spend small fortunes in hopes of system improvements through componet upgrades, but will sneer at the thought of spending $40 or less on a tweak that might have a greater real benefit.


It's fine to discuss the merits or lack thereof of any individual product, but why the character assassination? I suppose judgement fits need to construct human hierarchy pyramid with them on top.