Ok ..I have Maggie 1.7is on Magnarisers but one keeps blowing the "tweeter"

It's definitely the (now left) speaker as I have swapped them around. Driven by very upgraded CJ PV10AL and Emotiva XPA-2 - which has plenty of power and current to drive them. The whole rig sounds so derful to me. However, when I play anything over about 80dB (as measured about 8 ft from speakers in center) and only about 11 o'clock on volume control the same tweeter ribbon section blows its fuse! Drives me nuts! Yes it's loud but it's not that loud. My retailer agrees. But I am trying to avoid sending it back to Magnepan - they haven't been helpful at all on phone - except to say amp should drive them easily. 

Please don't recommend any new components. If you have nothing constructive don't bother replying. 








I will throw this one out there.

You never said how long you can listen to the speaker loud until the fuse blows.

First if there was a short circuit the fuse would blow immediately. So that can be ruled out.

There is another thing that could be causing the fuse to blow besides an overload. Poor contact pressure and or poor contact pressure and corrosion at the fuse connections can cause heat to be generated in the poor connection when loaded, (playing music loud) The heat will transfer to the fuse link/element and the heat can cause the small element wire in the fuse to melt and blow open.. The fuse should fit tightly in the fuse holder clips. Also check the wire connections at each end of the fuse holder for tightness, as well for corrosion.


If the fuse to fuse holder contact clips are not holding the fuse end caps tight remove the fuse from the fuse holder and carefully squeeze the fuse holder clips together using a pair of needle nose pliers. Carefully, you don’t need much. Reinstall the fuse and check if the connection at each end of the fuse is tight.

As for tightening the connections at each of the fuse holder. Do not over tighten.


I would try a different be amp. You’ve lucky it’s just the  fuse I had Emo 1L monos with my 1.7 and  the  amp kept blowing. I finally moved to a Parasound Hint which drove those babies with no problem.