OK, so I have to ask. Is this real, or is this a joke?

This is plastered several times on the Audiogon home page: "High Fidelity Cables NPS-1260 3D Enhancer 1.5ml" for $349. Am I late to the April fool’s party?   How much for a gallon?
Any deoxidizer is great in harsh conditions. 
Some of you may have some very damp rooms. 
A wee dram or two of single malt scotch can have a huge effect on sound quality too! 
It's all good! Cheers, 
It may be good for the system but probably not.
But to inform OP, those who think it is are paying $880,739.32 per US gallon and the supplier is laughing his guts up.

No end of fools.  There's a dozen born every half minute.

Ho hum.
Since we're on the subject, can anyone offer their experience with Mad Scientists Audio Graphene contact enhancer.
So, I’m not all the way a believer…but can definitely appreciate the potential for benefit. Now…is there any other type of product that can still at least/almost meet the benefits of this product half-way at about 1/8 the cost? Or even less? Hopefully without detrimental side effects to connectors and contact points. 
Forgive the question…I realize this is (already) a well-beaten path 🙏🏼