OK, so seriously, what is up with TMR's pricing here??

I'm not saying it's high or low, though I've read here that they're over-priced.  I'm talking about the number of the price itself.  Examples:

speakers:  $1008.00

pre-amp:  $504.00

pre-pro:  $1310.00

speakers:  $6644.00

speakers:  $2846.00

music server:  $351.00 ( this has to be my favorite)  What's with the $1.00?

turntable:  $2017.00  (17 bucks, really?)

DAC:  $382.00

monoblocks:  $5219.00

You get the idea...It's just weird man. 


You'd be more comfortable with speakers at $999.95?

It's just like your goofy tax deductions. You know listing all your deductions at even dollar amounts will raise red flags. Besides, $1008 looks like it must have been carefully determined in order to fit some scientific profit formula. The sales manager made it up after making sure it would bring a price he could live with.

When you add shipping and taxes, which is how I figure the price of a purchase, it's not going to be a round number no matter what number you start with.

I for one am annoyed that TMR has basically taken over audiogon to the point that they’re driving up prices on the site in general.  I would venture to guess that TMR accounts for 50 percent or more of listings.  BTW, they also list everything on eBay and for less.

Never bought anything from TMR or don't think I ever will so doesn't bother me. Actually never knew about their pricing structure until this thread.

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