Ok this will be a good thread.

What in your opinion is the most important part of a good 2 channel system. Or what has the biggest impact on overall sound. For example if you feel Speakers are most important, or Preamp, Amp, Source. I am not looking for a ss vs. tube debate, just what do you feel is most important.

I will start:
I feel speakers are the most important part. I know lots of you are going to say electronics, but keep it to one part, like Preamp, Amp, etc.


You are right, the question I originally posed was regarding the hierarchy of importance of components that exist WITHIN the two channel system.
It was a question about hardware, plain and simple. NOT any of the other elements you illuminated so eloquently.

You were 100% correct. Still it was interesting to hear everyone's comments.
Without question it is the speakers. Imagine the same source with either a electrostatic, planar, ribbon or dynamic speaker. Obviously they will sound extremely different. Much more so than changing the source. But as always synergy is the key.
I would have said the source 2 years ago but it seems to me that there are many affordable sources.So I vote for speakers I have tried listening to my $14000 horns on a sony boombox would rather listen to a great speaker this way then a cheap speaker on a great source .Tried the great source affordable speaker, works best with a great speaker and affordable sources and amps
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Threads, like all iterations, change, and particularly when they go along this long. I don't detect that much divergence from the original inquiry, at least not one that would require your police-ing, and particularly given that there was a recent and significant time gap since, er, last YEAR. What's the matter, Marco, got up this morning and just thought you'd found a nice egg to crack, and so took the chance, just to juice that lizard (you know, the one in the R-complex part of your brain), just to make you feel more like a "me" today, because its anonymous here and you feel like you can be more of a "me" absent your peers' physical proximity? Did it make you "feel" better?

Marco, a seed for your search...

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