Ok to use a Shunyata Hydra A-4 with a VAC 70/70?

I have a VAC Renaissance 70/70 amp and VAC Renaissance MK II preamp. I have been advised to get a power conditioner since the lights in my house dim every time the A/C and furnace go on, and I am considering getting a Shuntata Hydra A-4. Any problem plugging the VACs into the Hydra?
The PS audio Power plant 10 is a remarkable and realistic resolution to solving problems between your system components and the electricity coming out of your wall. I was skeptical, but needed to protect my system against spurious and dubious power in a new, somewhat rural location. I did not want to lose the great sound I got by avoiding any filtering with power conditioners, plugging directly into the wall with dedicated lines. I decided to go wih the Power Plant 10 and, even though I could have gotten a better price, I opted for a demo from the manufacturer with a 30 day trial period and full warranty.
The results were impressive and the sound delicious and unbound, BUT protected. Exactly the effect I needed, and even a bump up from the previous unprotected, but dedicated lines. I did install dedicated lines and now the Power Plant 10 is an important component to my system. I mention this because my power amp is the VAC renaissance 70/70.The rest of the system is equally as demanding and has responded well to the addition of the PS 10.The demo and "refurbished "units run 3,500.00$ new they are 5,000$ and the going used price is 3,000$.Last thing I wanted to do was spend a bunch of money on a "power conditioner" type of product, turns out it should have been the FIRST thing I bought. As always, do your research....this might be your magic bullet,

Jazz courier: do you have all of your components plugged into the PP 10? Did you contact VAC about whether they had any recommendations about using an AC regenerator? If so, what did they say?
Frankly I never thought once about contacting VAC for any advice. So.... I have both Vac power cords plugged in,as well as a Manley Steelhead phono amp, Ear Acute cd player,Epifania Pre amp and a Rega p 25 TT.Speakers are JM Lab Focal Utopia.This equipment has just been set up after being down and boxed for a few months and is now starting to return to the sound I know AND all these are plugged into the PS 10.Simply not experiencing any loss on highs or any negative effects. Only negative effect is a smaller room and the current Monsoon season with thunderstorms and heat.I Just do not want to stress the 300B tubes.We will be into nice fall weather in New Mexico soon and heat will not be an issue, come winter the Vac will be even happier. Everybody sounds very happy cohabitating with the PS10.
Make that a Rega P9...So that is a total of five power cords going in,and great sound coming out.