Okto DAC 8 Stereo (Shout-out)

I know this DAC made a buzz via a Stereophile A+ rating a couple years back, and I can’t say how many times I casually checked if they were back in stock for purchase. A couple of weeks ago I happened to check and they were. 

Previously I had read the lead times were up to 8 weeks for a build, but happy to report it arrived in just over a week to the states. Great communication and service from the Okto team. Unfortunately couldn’t get one with streaming on-board due to R-Pi shortages. 

Seems well built, nice screen, and overall a smaller chassis than I thought. Hopefully won’t miss lack of single ended outputs. A note you can use this as a preamp and order to custom output voltage to match your power amp.

My initial impressions are as follows: This is the most transparent DAC I have ever heard, previously owning Denafrips Terminator, Holo Spring, Sonnet Morpheus, Aqua La Scala, PS audio PW DSD and others of lesser renown and quality. . The instrument separation is quite good, a wide and deep stage, and an almost eerily clarity that lacks any glassy edginess that sabre DAC based designs seem to be known for. Although I owned a HIFI rose and loved it. 

Anyways, kudos to Okto and a heads up they are in stock. Great performance and a very affordable price!





I'm Glad I have discovered this model, the dimensions are a little increased to the dimensions I see as ideal, but that is not a deal breaker.

The versatility is very attractive, the reports on the SQ are very encouraging and I have now discovered one for as a Six Month used item for euro 840.

The used value combined with the other positives certainly makes this a Shortlist Model.

@shooter41 ,

I somehow missed that this was your headphone setup and not stereo speakers. But thanks for sharing your thoughts on the comparison between the Okto and Yggy. Do you have a stereo setup that you were able to compare these 2 DACs?

My Oppo plays "meh" when I spin silver discs. But as a DAC using the USB input, it sounds amazingly different.

Currently, no, but we're about to get started on a new house with a dedicated media room. BUT, I'm using some pretty good headphones (HE1000 V2) and the Susvara's I have coming are fantastic headphones that normally retail for $6K, so I don't think I'm missing much, if anything.

I have an Oppo, too. I've done some upgrades on it (power supply and stabilizer plate) and I still find it a bit "meh" for playing SACD's. I've never used it as a DAC only but it would seem to not stand a chance against either the Okto or the Yggy. I could, of course, be wrong.

This info referring the Okto DAC being a Headphone Device as well, is very appealing as I am to be in temporary accommodation for a period of time, hence the interest in the devices dimensions.

The main system is to be packed away, and a miniature system is to be used for Headphone Listening in the new abode.

The intention is to then use the miniature system as a second set up, that is easily concealed in a selected space in the renovated home.

I have explained to my wife, we can use ceiling speakers for all over the home supply of sound and have a typical stereo set up, from the non-valve device concealed system.

I will be trying to wean my wife away from Alexia and use this new set up. She is not confident with the Main Systems Valve Devices, she knows my disciplines around them and does not like to have the responsibilities, I make known are best to be followed. 

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the dac8 Stereo late last year.  Awesome sounding and everything everyone says about it are true. 

One thing I have yet to get worked out…when connecting to your preamp, where should the dac8’s volume be set?  I don’t want to overdrive the signal into the pre. I’ve used -16dB and -13dB, but I’d like a definitive value.