Old Acculab speakers


We have a set of Acculab speakers that are about 20 years old and stand about 4 feet tall. I thought try to put them in the paper to sell, but I can't find anything that tells me how much they're worth (not even Audiogon!). Does anyone have a ballpark guess or can you point me to someplace that might give me an indication? I'm clueless.


I had a pair of those in High School (1980's). If yours are anything like mine, they are probably worth nothing.

Brad Day
Atlanta, GA
They were made by a company called RTR and depending on the model, anywhere from $32.00 to $150.00 a pair. Don't ask me how I know, it's a long story, but rest assured I never owned a pair.
those speakers depending on the model could have been up to 1300$ in the mid to late seventys rtr made some very high end electrostatic speakers back in therighe hay day and some of there towers were very well made to. they started off as an oem manufacturer for companys like infiniti, marantz, crown, (when they made high end electrostatic spebut akers) the aculab stuff was pretty decent stuff but was not rtrs best tower they made speakers that sold up to 3600$ a pair back in the seventys and early 80's so if you have the aculab 930 0r 940 they were very well made speakers
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