Old E-V cheapos

Back when I was in college (1972) I got a cheapo stereo consisting of a Sherwood S-7100A receiver, a Pioneer PL-12D turntable, and some Electro-Voice speakers. They were black, I think. Two-way, if I'm not mistaken. The company I got them from sold them as a package deal. It was located in San Luis Obispo, CA. Does anyone remember them? Doe anyone have any idea what model speakers these might have been?
The name of the company was Warehouse Sound. Don't recall the name of the speakers, but I remember buying some too.
EV A1's. I remember a friend taking me to hear "the most incredible" 2 way he's ever heard, he even prefered it over the big Macintosh with 30 speakers per cabinet. As we A/B the showroom. They hanged on the wall with a rear passive 12 inch radiator for extra bass. That was then. I'm sure if we had that speaker compared to any of Tyler's Excel line, you'd hear how speakers have advanced.. ..."ah those were the days..."
Yeah, Warehouse Sound!

I'll check for those speakers. I'd like to recreate my first system.
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