Old favorites that you still play and still "feel".

As lovers of music, we sometimes re-visit favorites that still can both please and amaze.  

Jennifer Warnes,  the entire "Famous Blue Raincoat" cd/album/download/video.....

I would appreciate any music that you can share that has, as they say (and who are "they" anyway?), stood the test of time.  There are obvious ones from some masters...but also some that are a little less obvious. 

-"FBR", also
-"Anything Goes" late 1980’s Broadway recording
-"The Umbrellas of Cherbourg", soundtrack
-"Sounds of Silence", especially now!
-"Blonde on Blonde"
-"Carole King Tapestry"
-"Winwood", double album
-"Best of Blondie"
-"Live at the Cafe De Paris", Marlene Dietrich
-"The Last Days of Disco", soundtrack
-"Hotel California", original studio version
- "Quadrophenia"
-"Lou Reed Live - New York"
-"Natalie Merchant", anything by...
-George Gobel", anything by...

100’s more, but that’s enough for now.

Yes, Jennifer Warnes 'Famous Blue Raincoat' is a definite favorite of mine.

Cassandra Wilson, 'Blue Light Til Dawn', just got LP version as bday prize, CD hardly ever cools off.
I started a somewhat related thread; What makes us chose a certain song as a favorite?

The song has that je ne sais quoi, if the song begins and I immediately get the feeling, "Oh yeah... that's the stuff" Then it's a favorite.

Here are some of mine;
Thunder Island   Jay Ferguson
I come alive     Jay Ferguson
Crackerbox palace    George Harrison
Stairway to Heaven   Led Zeppelin
Dream Weaver         Gary Wright
Hotel California    The Eagles

R & B
You make me wanna... Usher
Unbreak my heart   Toni Braxton
Ain't nobody         Chaka Khan
Try sleeping with a broken heart   Alicia Keys

A sorta fairytale   Tori Amos
Tonight           Nina Gordon
Lady           Modjo
Building a mystery       Sarah McLachlan
Stupid           Sarah McLachlan
Grandtheft    Easy Go

Kiss me in the dark   Randy Rogers Band
Alabama     Cross Canadian Ragweed
Scream       Mindy McCready

Just a short list.

Thanks for the input.  A wonderful thing about music and this site is the new roads to drive down. 

Famous Blue Raincoat--definitely.

Leonard Cohen (who by fire) with Sonny Rollins:

King Crimson: In the Court of the Crimson King
Steely Dan: Can’t Buy A thrill
Blind Faith
Moody Blues: Octave
Cat Stevens: albums ; Teaser, Catch Bull, Tea, Mona...
Traffic: Low spark of High Heeled Boys

Jewel: Foolish Games
Renaissance: many albums e.g. Ashes are Burning, Turn of the Cards.
Enya: Shepard Moons
Deva Premal: Essence
Gabriel Roth: Refuge

Miles Davis: Kind of Blue
Coletrane: Ole Coltrane (hypnotic but perhaps not for those new to him)
Pharoah Saunders: Crescent of Love

Furtwangler; Beeth 9th
Rachmaninoff 3rd PC
Hovaness: Mysterious Mountain, Prayer of St Gregory

One time back around 1994 I'm on my third or fourth visit to Corner Audio in Portland. (This was back when it was still safe to visit downtown Portland.) The old guy running the place saying he is gonna give me some culture (ironic, given where Portland is today) pulls out Harry Belafonte at Carnegie Hall. 

What's funny about this is, the topic is old favorites and this never was an old favorite. It is however a huge favorite. What happened is that over the years every time I would pull it out the darn thing just sounded better and better. Not just talking sound quality either.  

These songs are all heartfelt renditions of standards of different cultures. In the opener, Darlin' Cora, a black man is outside his girl's window singing- but not to romance her but to get her to come quick, he reached his limit, decked the foreman, and now they must run for their lives! 

This is serious, meaningful music of the kind we just don't get any more. As performed by one of the all time great male vocalists. Recorded in superb you are there fidelity. Beyond old favorite, Belafonte at Carnegie Hall is a treasure.
md kind of blue
db take five
early al jarreau
joe henderson state of tenor
bill evans quintessence waltz for deb
coltrane johnny hartman
dusty springfield
louis and ella
Anything, well...almost anything, with David Bowie.  Anything conducted by Bruno Walter.
These have all stood the test of time for me

Abbey Road
Astral Weeks
Born to Run
Darkness on the Edge of Town
Get Happy!!
Love and Theft
Romance is on the Rise (Genevieve Waite)
Surf’s Up
The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter
Truelove’s Gutter (Richard Hawley)
Village Green Preservation Society
Windy (Astrud Gilberto)

and currently, for about 2 months now,

Rough and Rowdy Ways.
Love berner99’s inclusion of Renaissance ... Live at Carnegie Hall is great, and Annie Haslam is vastly under appreciated.

In semi-heavy rotation here (or at least put a smile on my face):
Southside Johnny ‘Hearts of Stone’
Santana ‘Moonflower’
Holly Cole ‘Temptation’
Chuck Mangione ‘Feel So Good’
Dave Mason ‘It’s Like You Never Left’
Robben Ford ‘Keep On Running’
John Prine ‘(self-titled)’
Leo Kottke ‘When Shrimp Learn To Whistle’

oh hell, it just goes on and on 😁

"Ruby" Kenny Rogers and the first Edition
"Leave your hat on", Joe Cocker
"You’re so Vain", Carly Simon
"El Paso", Marty Robbins
"Highwayman", Johnny Cash
"Pretty Woman", Roy Orbison
"Whip It", DEVO....


"Havana" Camila Cabello, (Just Smokin’, Amigo!)

Strunz & Farah. Just about anything they do....

And a whole lot more..


Allman Brothers -  '' Live at The Fillmore ''   

Little Feat - " Waiting for Columbus ''

Grateful Dead - '' Europe 72  - any of the 22 shows "

Bruce Springsteen -  '' Darkness on the Edge of Town "

Patsy Kline - '' Greatest Hits "

Those come to mind right now …...    

+ 1 Love me some Cat Stevens

Oldhvy - Havana... nice. +1
Good song, good video, smoking bod. I would kick her out of bed.
In the morning.

A few more;
Into the night       Benny Mardones
You can do magic     America
Sara smile       Daryl Hall & John Oates
Love is the answer     England Dan & John Ford Coley
Lunatic Fringe       Red Rider
One of these nights     Eagles
Ship of fools       Robert Plant
Heaven knows       Robert Plant
Like no other night     .38 Special

Tell me I was dreaming   Travis Tritt
Like the rain       Clint Black
This Cowboy's hat     Chris LeDoux
Ain't nothing 'bout you   Brooks & Dunn

I just want you to know   Goo Goo Dolls
I'll see you in my dreams   Giant
Hemmorage       Fuel
To close       Alex Clare
Jet city woman     Queensryche

Jimi Hendrix - Are You Experienced?; Axis Bold As Love; Electric Ladyland. Three in s row never surpassed!
Captain Beefheart - Trout Mask Replica; Miles Davis - In A Silent Way, Bitches Brew. 
First 2 Beatles Lp's still makes the hair I have left stand.
Best of CreamWho Live at LeedsLed Zeppelin 1 and 2
Pink Floyd Dark Side
Bee Gees single greatest hits(pre disco)
Buffalo Springfield greatest hits