Old man pointing and wheezing,. I remember when........

I am happy for all of you (us) that have been in this rat race....er, ah Hobby for sometime and remember your own Golden Oldies.  Some that I remember fondly:

Pioneer PD-65

Advent Receiver

Original Large Advents

Dahlquist DQ-10

Martin Logan Sequel

Original Monster cables/interconnects

These were some of the beginnings.  I had the CJ-ART, many Audio Research units..and other big names, but I expected those to be good.  That little Advent Receiver was not expected to be much...but really gave much pleasure and growth to my audio journey (a nod to Steve Perry)


I had a Magnavox CDB-650, a NAD 3240 and a pair of DCM TF-350s. Low fi for sure, but I still have fond memories of that little rig.

Long forgotten, but the Magnavox CDB-650 was the beginning of cd players being 


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Six years ago bought a pair of DQ10’s with upgraded crossovers, new woofer surrounds and custom stands/new black grill cloth/new walnut side pieces. Still a formidable sounding speaker! Cost $375/local pickup. I first listened to DQ10’s back in ’77 at my local high end emporium.