Old phones as streaming sources

   I'm curious how many  of you have converted old phones to streamers. I have found  that when I remove the sim card and shut off blue tooth and wire the phone to a dac with an appropriate USB adapter cable, my old iphone 6s makes a pretty good streamer. Just wondering what others experiance has been. It is a really economical way to source digital to a 2nd or 3rd system. You can even cut electronic noise further by running on battery power when listening and shutting off the screen once the music is rolling. Going one step further would be to transfer local files to the phones memory and turn off wireless altogether. I have not done this but theoretically it should help. I usually just run the Qobuz app and stream from that to my Chord Mojo. What's your experiance?


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Well that is fine @soix , but I think you would be better served by prefacing your comments with "in my opinion" which is what it is. My points of reference are a Auralic Aries streamer and a OktoResearch Dac8, both of which are in another league than the reference streamers you mention. Mind you I am not claiming the phone to be as good as these but I find it quite listenable. May I ask if you even tried the tweaks I describe when you were listening with your iphone? Did you run it though a decent dac, you know some dacs do a better job than others in handling a digital stream. Thanks for your response  but I think my little old iphone is on a par with my Raspberry Pi/Allo Digione. Anyone who says that kind of performance "sucks" is using a stronger word than is merited IMHO..

So, did you compare running the iPhone direct into the DAC8 versus going through your Aries?  If you don’t hear a significant improvement through the Aries, well, let’s  just say we greatly differ in our experiences.  And yes, I bought an upgraded LavriCable silver Lightning/USB cable to upgrade from the Apple Camera Adapter to run directly into my Musician Pegasus R2R DAC and it was a big improvement, bit it still in no way approached the performance going through the iFi Zen streamer.  So I stand by my own listening experience that compared to a decent streamer the iPhone sucks relatively as a streaming source, but I also mentioned it’s fine in less critical situations and is indeed very listenable in that situation.  But IME it in no way compares to running a dedicated streamer — not even close.  Hey, you asked “What’s your experience” and I gave it to you.  If your experience is different or you disagree that’s fine, but I stand by what I heard/said. 

I repurposed an older iPad that had a short battery life into a dedicated streamer next to my desk. Since it had to be connected to the DAC anyway, the charging cord wasn't an issue. For my ears, the sound is terrific in this near field desk setup and the display is awesome with the iPad propped up in a stand. 

I vote a yes to extending the usefulness of this kind of electronics. With the money I save, someday I will able to afford the kinds of electronics that will help me discern higher quality music reproduction. 

iPhone into chord mojo is a good streaming setup with headphones on the go. That is essentially the purpose of Mojo. If you’re using it as your primary dac that’s fine as well. But let’s just not build any illusions about that setup’s capabilities. 


I still have a 6s as well and while it’s a Swiss Army knife as far as phones go, it’s like a Swiss Army knife, it does everything, it just doesn’t do it well. I have a Sony boombox that has the big Apple plug on it and that’s what my garage system is.  But for anything more, the 6s wasn’t designed for it.  Neither is the 13 that I  currently have.