old school jbl speakers

i've seen old school jbl speakers on facebook often! how do they compare to new school jbl's and other brand speakers??


I have the new JBL L100 Classics and they sound nothing like the L100’s from the 70’s. Less bass but a refined treble in the new ones.  I had to add a subwoofer to even out the sound but it is an extremely satisfying and an enjoyable experience.  It is so much so that I often think about selling my reference system and bringing the JBL system downstairs to use in my living room. 

If you find JBL speakers with the horn system and woofers that resemble TAD studio monitors from the 90s, they will be neutral, somewhat warm, but accurate. Nearly as good as the real TADs.

To be honest with you, it depends on the particular model rather than old vs new.

cost savings in materials/design concept or not?! skilled electronics engineers, or not?

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