Old Talon Hawk Monitors before Rives.

Anyone own a pair of these with the four sand filled compartments and clear acrylic front panel stands? What do you think of them and do they need a lot of power to really make them sing? I mean over 200 watts per channel? I'd appreciate any info on them since all I can find in search engines is the new version with different Accuton midwoofers and a lot of crossover changes. I believe they kept the original Accuton tweeters. Thanks.
Well, I know they won't "dance" since they weigh 160 lbs each with the stands. I was trying to find out the specs, especially sensitivity to get a general idea of what type of amp will be best in my living room. The Talon Hawk 2 can be bi-amped but these can't.  But it doesn't matter now that I've integrated them with a JL Audio Fathom f113 subwoofer and a passive low cut filter at 80 Hz,24dB/octave by Marchand Electronics. Inc.  Now they really do "sing".