Old wine in a new bottle

I am listening to a Threshold S150 series II that was restored for me by Frank Mufich. The power caps were replaced, the electrolytics were replaced and the amp was biased and gone over in great detail. The fuse holders were replaced and new feet installed. The amp looks new and sounds fabulous. I recommend Frank highly, especially if you are in the Dallas Ft.Worth area and need work on a piece of equipment. He works out of his house and has a fully equipped lab. He is friendly knowledgeable and the work was done in a timely fashion.
Hello DocDan,

I have a Threshold S/300 and wondered what the cost would be for this upgrade. Can you share that will me? Thanks much.

Frank's phone number 214-501-8496. Email mufich@tx.rr.com I have no relationship other than satisfied customer. The work on my amp was 460.
I have to second Frank, he has repaired 2 preamps and an amp for me. No relationship just happy repeat customer. He is really into music as well.