older CD transport vs newer ones.

I added a fairly inexpensive CD transport to my DCS Rossini DAC/Clock and am shocked how much better it sounds spinning a disc vs streaming it.  It's not even a close call.  I was thinking of bettering my CD transport and was looking at options such at the Jay's CD transport.  There are also options such as Mark Levinson 31.5 which was a 10K unit in it's day.  Any thoughts on the best way to go?  I get a little worried about one of these older units breaking and not being able to get it fixed.  
If you have a dac with IS2 connection, it's better if your transport have it to.

I also have a Bryston DAC3.  It has 4 HDMI inputs. I have a large SACD collection.  My Oppo 105 is programmed to output the DSD layer of SACD over HDMI.  I also have a Sony ES SACD player that feeds another HDMI input on the DAC.  The Sony transport sounds a bit smoother than the Oppo but the differences are slight.   For red book I use a Melco transport/ripper that is connected to my Melco N100 NAS/Streamer.  The N100 is connected to the Bryston by usb.  It is a big, bold highly detailed presentation that is quite addictive 
Everything mechanical breaks! My “warm sounding”, “built like a tank” Yamaha CDX-1120 from 1989 cannot be repaired since its laser pickup is unobtainable. It had a lovely output when channeled through my 1969 tube-based system. In my opinion, newer units are more likely to read and play almost all of your CDs. I would go for a company that will continue to support its products in both parts and repair. 
Funny you guys mention PS Audio PWT. It was the very next transport I tried after ML #37, so disappointed! Even after modding never came close to 37, much darker sounding, less involving, the 37 was such a special transport, on top of one of the best transport mechanism (Phillips Pro), the had proprietary mounting and servo. After selling PWT, gave up transports, migrated to streaming,  cd rips on NAS sound fabulous.
I no longer trust cd transports, I've used couple cheaper ones in bedroom system, both Emotiva and Sony have died. Cheap mechanisms used in these can be purchased for $20 or less on ebay. I'd check to see what mechanism used before I'd lay my money down for any modern transport, only the bespoke would be of any interest, something like Esoteric.