older hi-end tube tv recommendations.....and hdtv.

ANybody using an older hi-end sony or otherwise tube tv with hdtv signal? Just curious....what was the pixel count on these older tvs? 480p? anything higher? how is this picture quality?
Your best bets are these Sony KD series sets: KD-30XS955, KD-34XS955, KD-36XS955, and KD-34XS960 (most recent model). These were Sony's very best and nearly last CRT HDTV's. They have full high definition tuners and are capable of displaying 1080i. The plasmas and LCD TV's could not come close to the picture quality of these sets at the time. Plus, these models are loaded with a ton of high-tech and features, unlike the later Sony CRT's, which were cheapened and offered less attractive cabinets, cheaper tubes, and less features. Understandably, after the XS9 series, Sony focussed their efforts and investment on the flat screens.

I have the KD-30XS955 and love it. It's beautiful TV, but it's huge and weighs 154 lbs. I had lots of trouble getting it into my basement because the cabinet is so long. By comparison, the 34 inch set is even bigger @ nearly 200 lbs.

Yet, if you can find one in good order and have the room, youll love the HD picture on the CRT. Plus, they can be had for next to nothing!
A correction to my post above: The newer 34" Sony I referred to is the KD-34XBR960, which is identical to the -34XS955 (I think) just more recent model by 1 year. Good luck!
I own the Loewe tube tv Swampwalker speaks of (it's a 38" and called the 'Aconda'). It does do high-def- I believe 1080i, but what I like about it that it is the best 'double-duty' set I have yet seen- that is, fabulous regular def, along with super high-def. In fact the regular def (if you need it) is much better than any plasmas or LCD's that I have seen. Most of what we watch is still regular def, but that will change over time as more cable channels go to hd- it has been a perfect compromise for the last few years- HIGHLY recommended as a 'crossover' set..
I have the Loewe Aconda 38" and agree with what has been said: best TV on reg def as well as high def. Mine has had zero problems since I bought it in 2001. Full 1081/960i capable. Heavy 220 lbs. I love it as much as the day I purchased it.