Older Linn Sondek LP12 info and interest

Hello all,

About 10 years I ended up with my fathers Linn Sondek LP12. I don't know much about it, and am seeking some insight. I've done quite a bit of research using Google image search and Wiki, and based on what I've found, this could be quite valuable but I really have no idea, and any insight is appreciated. I'd also like to get an idea if there is interest in this item from the community.

Here's what I believe I know.

  • I think the turntable is dated between 1979 (spring loaded hinges added to lid) and 1984 (the year they changed to a clear lid). It's definitely pre 1993, as it has a pre-Cirkus subchassis.
  • The internal circuit board, motor and some other parts have been removed and based on pictures it looks like the top of the line Origin Live Ultra Speed Controller Box, Motor, and Transformer upgrade was installed. (I have a bag with the original parts.)
  • The tonearm is a Syrinx PU3 which looks to be rewired with most likely silver cable. The rewire doesn't have any names on it, but my father used Cardas for most things, so that could be it.

That's pretty much all I've pieced together. He was pretty obsessive about these things, so there may be other upgrades/mods installed that I'm unaware of or just don’t know enough to recognize.

Any observations or comments are welcome. I’m interested in knowing what this turntable might be worth, and what interest there may be.

Here are a bunch of pictures. https://photos.app.goo.gl/C3dgam97y9iU9c2E8

Thanks so much in advance!



+1 @dover


If you are interested in high end audio it could be a good platform to upgrade to truly high end performance. Every LP12 can be upgraded to today’s excellent performance. But, it is unlikely the bearing, subcassis, and motor control has been upgraded to contemporary standards. So, it is unlikely to be worth $1K - $2K. But to price, you’ll need to carefully articulate exactly the components. You might find a local Linn dealer. 


Thanks all for the insight. It's almost sounding like it might be worth selling the Origin Live upgrade, tonearm, and turntable separately.

As far as keeping it, I have a Musichall MMF-9.1 which I'm very happy with and really don't have a need for the Linn. It's been on a shelf for 12 years gathering dust, and should be enjoyed by someone.


I think that it would be a good idea to try it out how does it sound in your system.

There is a chance you might like it better than MH.

+1 on trying the Linn. It is potentially the better turntable. And you’d be keeping a family heirloom. The only caveat is the status of the Linn suspension. 

The LP 12 is the longest continuous running audio product on the market at 50 years and still going.

I don't own one but I have a whole bunch of Linn kit. My advice is go slow, do some research and kick some tires.

The LP 12 is a mod/tinkerer/project mission dream. I would start with the plinth. What style is it and how is the condition? If it is good shape then there are many avenues to look at as far as upgrade paths go. BUT BE VERY CAREFUL: do not get get carried away and spend too much on this project if you have any budget concerns!!!

There are so many upgrades for this table. Which means there are options on the new and used market. Fans of this table are continuously tweaking this table which provides opportunities for users looking to to get the previous greatest upgrade thing. 

The main upgrade areas to look at are the power supply, the bearing, the support, and the tone arm/cartridge. You can upgrade all of this over time while monitoring your interest. 

There are a ton of LP 12 fans at the Naim forum. The Linn Club at HiFiWigwam is now near dead but there are some very supportive Linn fans at the HiFiKabin forum.

Good Luck!