older Parasound vs new Halo series? thoughts?

Are the new Halo amps any improvement over the old HCA amps?

For example:

PLD-2000 + HCA-2200ii vs Halo P3 + A21/A23

The specs are VERY similar, I'm just wondering if the improvements on the Halo series are mostly cosmetic? Have anyone heard both? Will there be a sonic improvement going from the old Parasounds to the new Halo series?

Ive had a few pieces of the old parasound gear, I wasent real Impressed. Ive heared the new halo stuff is pretty good. If I was gonna use parasound Id definatly use the halo gear.
"Ive had a few pieces of the old parasound gear" JBlaze,How old and what pieces did you have?JD
I use to own an HCA-2003a 220watt x 3 and recently upgraded to a Halo A21 and it's a whole new ball game sweet grain free extended highs detailed mids and rock solid bottom end and just plain out right musical with dynamic range to spare.The older Hca amps IMOP had grainier highs and just a tad bit hard on the upper mids, but was a true powerhouse and built like a tank! Same for the Halo, built like a tank but freakin beautiful, for the money nothing can touch it.