Omega Amp Opinions?

Anyone heard the Omega or the Omicron? Thinking about the Omicron or the Levinson 336 with 3.6 Magnepans. thanks!
Go with the Omega, so much smoother and more detailed and a lot more powerful. I would also check out Goldmund, I personally think they arethe smoothest most detailed and musical SS out there.
Tbonephile--Any view on the Omicron, the baby version 350 watts but otherwise the same, as the Omega 450 watts. thanks.
Whatever you do, make sure you upgrade your health insurance. i was going to buy an Omega that was a really good deal ($6k, litterally new) until I saw the weight of these babies: they weight like 200+lbs!!! And then it dawned on me why the guy was selling these gems in the 1st place. The weight of these is getting ridiculous, and no matter how good they may sound, my back's health is worth more to this humble audiophile.
Check out the latest Stereophile review of the CAM-350's. The reviewer said these are THE amps to go with the Maggie 3.6's.
I have heard them all and personally like the Classe equipment more. Either the Omega or the Omicron have my recommendation.