Omega single driver speakers

Has always been using speakers with multiple drivers and like sonic signature of Sonus Faber, Harbeth and etc, I started wondering whether I should try single driver, crossover-less speakers such as Omega CAM in my second system.
This is for chamber music, piano solo, and vocal (popular) in a medium sized room (16 x 40) with a low output tube amplifier. The speakers will be placed alongside the long wall, about 10-12 feet from my sitting position.

Any feedback on Omega, especially CAM? Thin or full sounding? Bass enough? High freq beaming or satisfactory? Warnings and recommendations (including other brands) are welcomed.
I have a pair of omega super Alnico monitors and I absolutely love them. 

Maybe it’s the crossover less design that lets them flow effortlessly.  I added a sub and it is perfect. My Eml 45 mesh tubes sound spectacular. 

Even streaming tidal mqa from dcs bridge is incredible. 
Ffzz , what sub did you add.I have omega 3xrs and was thinking of adding a sub but wasn’t sure if I should get a rel 7i or a less expensive sub such as a rhythmic or speed woofer 10 s would do. 
I certainly would not. 38 hz to 20kHz? my back side. Bass is very disruptive to higher frequencies. It will cause distortion particularly at higher levels because of the long excursions it takes to produce bass.
In order to limit excursion you have to use a very big driver or many small ones like Bose 901. Even speakers that can easily run full range like big ESLs should have the low bass taken away from them. Next, a driver that size is going to beam high frequencies like crazy. I am all for controlled dispersion but in order to hear anything over about 12 kHz you are going to have to be dead on to each speaker. 
If you really want a single driver speaker you get ESLs and put subwoofers under them. Trying to do it with dynamic drivers is highly problematic more so than using multiple drivers and crossovers.