Omega speakers -- mostly sold out, all the time?

I've always been curious about Omega speakers, especially because I have tube amps.

It seems that whenever I go to their website, most of their products have a SOLD OUT banner across the speaker.

Does anyone know the backstory with Omega? Are they a company in trouble? Why would a company be mostly sold out for most models, most of the time?

I ask this respectfully and with genuine affection for a boutique builder like Omega.


Thanks Corelli,  I’m still hung up on what finish but it will be awesome no matter what I choose.   Problem is when I look at his gallery and instagram pics I can’t decide.    I’m terribly indecisive.  Can’t go wrong, all of his speakers look great. 

I have a full system, minus speakers.  It is all the gear displaced from two years of upgrades.   This will be a bedroom system so my initial budget was $1000 .   After looking at the Super Alnico Monitor I decided to double the budget given that I had zero out of pocket for amps , pre, tuner, Vault 2 , REL sub….   I had everything but the speakers.   Hopefully it will gel together for a nice small system.  

Can’t wait to pick them up. 

@oddiofyl As a QS owner, I'll be very curious about your thoughts regarding the speakers. I'd also be interested in trying Fyne, Tannoy with my QS. Have you tried horn speakers? My fave tube is the KT77 on my QS, and that is partly driving my interest in Omega.


Omega speakers are simply wonderful. They adore high quality SET amps and sources. They are certainly an exercise in patience during break in! Louis is great to chat with and if you move forward you receive a gorgeous looking and beautiful sounding speaker by a passionate artisan. 

Hilde 45 ,   I was using the Quicksilvers with my Forte IV and they sounded great.  Those amps also drove my Heresy III , Revel  106 and  PSB M2  ....  they work great with just about any speaker.    

Thats the great thing about most QS amps, they can use any el34 or 6L6 type

My current favorite tube in those amps are the JJ 6L6 gc.   Great sounding tube.  

With speakers I usually only buy after an audition,  but I heard so many great things about these speakers I am going to take a leap of faith.   12 x 15 room, 40 watts of tube power should be perfect for a small system.  

Although these are for my 2nd system I fully plan on using them in my main system to.    Definitely want to hear them with my 300b amp too.  

Ii was trying to sell the QS but I changed my mind.   Where am I going to get a great pair of amps for the $1000 or so ?   Nowhere !    I'll be using my trusty Sonic Frontiers SFL 1 ,  a Vault 2i,  a RME adi2 DAC, and a Fanfare FTa1 tuner.    All stuff that was in the closet, not being used.    Finally a solution for all of my used gear.