OMG Moment

I had spent two days detailing my wife’s new car and just came back from the dog taking me out for a long walk. Wife was out, so I finally had some time to listen to an album that Juan @blisshifi had recommended. I never rest during daylight hours, but as I played Isolde Lasoen’s album “Oh Dear” I was half out. I’ve got a six foot couch as a listening area and slumped down and tilted my head back, closed my eyes and “Douce Melancolie” completely transformed. The soundstage width, depth and height went crazy. It was the most amazing, life like sound that I had ever heard on my system, or any system that I can remember. The whole 180 degrees of the room was filled with music without loss of localization. The speakers usually/mostly disappear with many albums, but they were completely gone. I don’t understand any of this, but I’m just going with it.  I suspect that I just discovered that the Wilson Sabrina X has a very critical vertical dispersion pattern.  I would never have expected this and can imagine someone saving lots of money by changing their vertical seating position.


OK, have 5 feet behind the couch and then a wall of records.  So, probably somewhat reflective , but surface is irregular given that I don’t make sure that all records align with each other.

OP: I think your experiment speaks for itself. :)  Try sitting up normally with pillows behind your head. 

I have the reverse issue in my room.  My couch is deep and slouchy.  When my head is 2 feet lower my bass gets a little muddy on some recordings.

Sit up tall and its crisp and clean.  

I have started toying with raising the back of the speaker to angle them down a bit.  And I have extra pillows under my listening position.

But the 2 foot difference is very substantial.

I was one of a group of about 6 who regularly gathered at a friend's home to listen to his exceptionally good system in a room specifically designed for audio listening.  One evening we found his system to sound less than ordinary.  We realized that he'd purchased a new couch and deduced that it must be the culprit.  We carried the couch out into an adjacent hallway and his system sounded "Golden" again !  I haven't ever had an experience like that since.