OMG. What now?

After all the listening, the buying, the seeking, the reading, the tweaking, the testing, the critiquing, the latest trend, and the old forgotten mend… my system sounds wonderful - to me.

I’m enjoying the music without thinking about this thing, that thing, the worst thing, the next thing, the best thing… another thing. But I just know there’s something better!

That’s it. It’s the ultimate blessing or, dare I say it, the ultimate curse. I’ve reached the end of the audiophile’s dilemma. Or have I? What now? So,

1. I’m not using a preamp between my digital source and my amp. Both are outstanding, so do I really need one?

2. Where’s the best place to sell my used stuff?

3. What’s the most obvious “weak link” that’s holding my system back from a yet undiscovered audiophile music nirvana?

We all here suffer the same neuroses, so any help is appreciated.


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Try a free 30 day trial of a Benchmark LA-4 Line amp (preamp) $2599 with remote (Balanced) or an Hp-4 (I think) Benchmark. Same as the LA-4 except $2999 that contains (so they say) one of the best Headphone amps in the business.5 year Warranty made in New York   I personally own the LA-4, will die with it.  Talk to anyone that owns one, they will support my point. Robert TN  I also own a very good DAC, a Meitner MA-1    Good luck  Robert TN

There is always something better in this hobby.  People are more involved listening to their equipment then music itself.  Its the want and try factor, a system can start at 2k, 5k, 10k, 20k, 50k, 100k.  How much difference all depends on everyone personal preference.  I've enjoyed vintage EQ vs. newer equipmemt.  

@closenplay I'm not a psychologist. Just seemed like a commonsense observation drawn from other experiences.

to @hilde45 ’s comment

i would venture to say that for serious audiophiles, thoughtful and introspective about the pursuit, another added bonus of spending time maximizing musical enjoyment through system improvements very often leads one to think hard about, informally question, and learn about our own psychology, our perceptions, our biases, how we deal with happiness and negativity, etc etc

such awareness, learnings can then be applied to other aspects of our lives, for the better...