On a mission for more BASS

Would biamping Sophia 2's add a substantial amount of BASS (including SPL) from those 10" woofers?
What am I trying to achieve? I need more BASS from those 10's, and lots of it!
Streatch goal: Enough SPL to watch the crumbs on the coffee table bounce like corn in a hot-air popper!

The shop where I got the Sophia 2's demod the Sophia 3's and the BASS (especially in SPL) was very disappointing (or my expectations are too high for my $16,700 Sophia 2's).

Existing equipment:
3 McIntosh MC501 500W monoblocks
Pre-amp should have what I need as its a Tri-Amp (McIntosh C500t)
Audyssee MultiEq XT w/install kit (mic, software)
Sophia 2's

I'm looking for a 1000' view on "how to" or pointers for what to do for/to crossovers (removal/replacement/bypass/hack and so on).

Suggestions on how much wattage for each woofer (under breaking point) and how many McIntosh amps to leverage would be immensly helful. Was thinking about getting a McIntosh stereo amp for the mids and tweeters and then use existing MC501's to drive each 10 (or tri-amp).
As others have pointed out, why did you buy the Wilson Sophias? They are a very good speaker, but they don't go that deep and they don't go that loud. It would greatly help if you better defined what you mean by bass. Are you talking about subterranean deep bass, kick drum thumping, cathedral organ rattling, bass guitar throbbing, etc? Is the bass you have now not loud enough or not impactful enough, or both? You should also be aware that hyping the bass will obscure midrange definition and clarity.
It sounds like you bought a Ferrari and now you are disappointed that it can't pull your motor home.
just buy a good subwoofer. even a used rel stadium ($1K + change) would probably do the trick. bread crumbs will move.
Buy a pro sound powered Mackie sub with an 18" driver...it will massage your internal organs, cause your vision to blur, and you can moonlight as a DJ on weekends.