On mid-fi do you hear much difference between Tidal and Spotify

If you are using Spotify paid membership and using the 320kbps vs Tidal streaming? I am mostly listening (wired) in my car and headphone with my iPhone and MacBook.

Since the services are very similar I wondered if it is worth the $20 for Tidal HiFi vs $10 for Spotify. Or similarly Tidal Premium at 320kbps at $10.

Be sure to check the manner of your Tidal access. Tidal HiFi (the highest quality streaming service they provide) requires access via Google Chrome. The HiFi letters seen lower right when on-line with Tidal will NOT be highlighted if you are NOT accessing via Chrome. When I was using Safari on my MacBookAir to trial Tidal, I really wasn’t getting HiFi though I did not know this at the time - so it was tough to hear differences between Tidal and Spotify Premium. Now that I’m getting Tidal HiFi via an Aries Mini, I can hear a difference on the main system. Tidal is better...but to me, it’s not "game changing better" (some will disagree vehemently with that assessment). On the other hand, given the same album on Tidal or Spotify, I’ll choose to stream from Tidal. I do greatly enjoy Spotify however - find the sonics entirely satisfactory, love its ease of use, and the completeness of the Spotify library vs Tidal’s.  I’m uncertain how much of Tidal’s SQ advantage would be preserved in an automobile listening environment.
Thank you so much.  I download the Tidal Software on the Mac so I am the browser does not matter in that case.

I appreciate the information.  I have not played extensively with either but I a getting used to the Tidal interface on iOS and my mac.

I can tell you that even bluetooth from my phone with Tidal downloads and Pandora at its best is night and day.  Pandora is mostly horrible.  Plugging in with Tidal is CD equivalent to my ears.
Pandora needs to up the streaming rate, that's for sure.
Spotify premium isn't bad. Compared to Tidal, it is a close second. There has been some noise about Spotify moving to higher streaming rates recently. If so, it will probably knock Tidal back a bit.
Believe me, I want Tidal to be a player, but the selection on non-current genres is lacking. And, I'm not a hiphop fan, unfortunately.
For me I would put Apple Music second and Spotify and close 3rd.  Would gladly move to Spotify lossless service as long as Aurender supports it.  Unfortunatly, I'm committed to Aurender hardware and right now they only support Tidal and Qobuz