On mid-fi do you hear much difference between Tidal and Spotify

If you are using Spotify paid membership and using the 320kbps vs Tidal streaming? I am mostly listening (wired) in my car and headphone with my iPhone and MacBook.

Since the services are very similar I wondered if it is worth the $20 for Tidal HiFi vs $10 for Spotify. Or similarly Tidal Premium at 320kbps at $10.

I have never heard tidal, but spotify is ok on earbuds/cellphone, can be ok on a stereo but it depends on the time of day in my experience;. I have a membership and sometimes, usually friday evenings and saturdays, i have to switch to pandora because spotify streams at 64kbps or less.  It is very rare when it sounds actually decent.

I do not think you need google chrome to get the full bandwidth for tidal I’ve been running the tidal app on my PC and getting the highest rates available for the specific tracks i can tell as my DAC switches with the rate (even tried the MQA with a loner dac to good effect). that said i can not say how it works on apple devices so sorry if i’m out of line or miss informed.
Thanks Glennewdick, I have no way to measure the it but the app does say HIFI/MASTER when it is playing.  So I presume it is as good as I will get.
"I do not think you need google chrome to get the full bandwidth for tidal ...."

I'm merely reporting what pops up on my MacBook when I use Safari to log into my Tidal subscription account and click on HiFi in the lower right.  HiFi is grayed out but a pop up window opens with 3 streaming choices:  Normal, Hi, & HiFi/Master.  HiFi/Master is grayed out with a message below it:  "HiFi playback is only available in Google Chrome."  Yeah, maybe this is something only encountered with an Apple product.  It was simple to work around by using Google Chrome to access Tidal.      
everyone should take this test before weighing in on the spotify vs. tidal issue:

i'm embarrassed to admit that i only chose the lossless file on 4 out of the 6 tracks (missing on the rap and acappella vocal tracks). except at very loud volumes the differences between the lossless and 320kb files was small, at least to my declining ears. ergo, since i'm not typically listening in an ideal environment, i've opted for the more expansive library, better ui (and cheaper price) of spotify .