On mid-fi do you hear much difference between Tidal and Spotify

If you are using Spotify paid membership and using the 320kbps vs Tidal streaming? I am mostly listening (wired) in my car and headphone with my iPhone and MacBook.

Since the services are very similar I wondered if it is worth the $20 for Tidal HiFi vs $10 for Spotify. Or similarly Tidal Premium at 320kbps at $10.

Ghosthouse, I have not had any buffering at all during my trial.  So maybe the download is better for that?  I am not sure.

I am pretty sure I cannot hear a difference with Spotify and Tidal on my Mac and iPhone.  But I wonder if I bluetooth stream a Tidal download vs Spotify download in the car if I will?  Right now Tidal via bluetooth in the car is pretty good but Pandora is way worse.
Anyone here compare to Deezer Premium? I've been using it the past month. It's cheaper than Tidal HiFi and the SQ is pretty good but haven't compared to the others.
Back to the NPR tracks. Using my iPhone, and $50 headphones or my Mac with these headphones left me guessing and I only got a couple of them right and picked the 128 twice!

At 48 I guess my hearing is not as good as it used to be. Having said that, I could hear some differences and I think my expectations were wrong. Since I don’t remember which is which I may try again and I may also try it through a real system.

The things I was trying to key in on were space between instruments, flattened sound, harmonics, lack of extension.

None of it panned out. I do think that perhaps and that is a perhaps is that the 128 sounds a bit more rolled off and that would make sense. But the unexpected part is I kind of like what seemed like a midrange emphasis.

Spotify is clearly enough for my phone, computer, car listening.

I do wonder if adding a DAC like a Dragonfly would change this outcome?
Portland - I can't say whether a Dragonfly would change the outcome for you.  It did not for me.  Regardless, it's a nice "add on" for laptop/headphone listening and does improve the sound.  At $100 for the latest version of the black and 30 day return with Audio Advisor, worth checking out.