on the cheap

I am looking for suggestions for an inexpensive streamer for my sister. I mean a couple hundred bucks. Does anybody make such a thing that would not have to be hooked up to the internet but would work via wi-fi or bluetooth? AND also have a built in dac. Stereo is not her life like some of us. The simpler the better. Would not have to be new. It would be nice also to have the ability to have cd storage. Is it also possible to not have to be run with tidal and be controlled by an app?



Used Gen1 Sonos players can be found all over craigslist for cheap.

You can also explore a Blue Tooth dongle to hang off the receiver/integrated.

like this

Search Amazon for “Bluetooth streamer”. You can get a basic metal box with a blue light which is very reliable, well built, and will likely meet your needs for $60. I have one in my office. I will check the brand tomorrow at work. DM me tomorrow if interested. Works great! 

"that would not have to be hooked up to the internet but would work via wi-fi or bluetooth"

Not sure how or what you would be streaming without an internet connection. Did you you mean a hardwire connection? You have to get your content from somewhere, and if not physical media (disks) or a local streaming server ($$$) , then it has to be from the Internet.

Bluesound Node! AMAZING entry unit. I literally after many many years of swearing I’ll never stream finally dove in. Got the Node and am still blown away by the sound of this little unit. The internal DAC is frighteningly good for its price point. Very simple and the app is great!