one 7 channel amp or seperate 2 channel amps?

I am hooking up my home theater - Am I better off using my 7 channel Sim audio Titan or to get seperate 2 channel amps- I was thinking of the Mac 252 or equiv.-
I personally am using a 2 channel amp for my two mains and a 5 channel amp for my center and surrounds. I still listen to stereo music occasionally and having a high end 2 channel amp helps out!
Depends on budget, and space, If it were me I would want as much independence as possible so if something needs to be tweaked later you have more options with seperates, but you need the space to put them in also....go with your gut.
I'm using a 2 channel for my HT mains and a 5 channel for the center, surrounds and two subs. My experience is that most multi-channel amps aren't quite as good as a solid 2 channel amp, so i went this route. Depending on the quality of the multi-channel amp and the amount of performance that you want out of your system, it can go either way. The less demanding of a load that your speakers are, the more likely that a high grade multi-channel amp will be satisfactory. Obviously, how much you listen to 2 channel through this system may also influence your decision. Sean
The Titan is one hell of an amp for home theater. At one time I had 5 amps in my H/T rig. Got rid of them all and purchased a 7 channel amp (7 monoblocks in a single chasis) and have not looked back. Think of all the money you'll save on power cords.