One amp, two sub cabinets, how to setup?

I am not technical, so bear with me. I have one subwoofer amp plate, 240w, and two sub cabinets, hoping to set them up in stereo. Hooking the main amp to the sub amp isn't a problem. I think I know how to hook that up. The concern is the sub amp.

The sub amp has a red and a black line out. Each cab has a red and a black in. Can you picture it? Can I hook up one side of the amp, say the black, to both the red and black terminals of one cab and then, say the red, to both the red and black terminals of the OTHER cab? Will this work?

Or, should I just get another amp plate so that each sub cab has its own amp. The sub amp wasn't that expensive, so getting another won't break my bank.

Thanks in advance...
Your plate amp should have speaker outputs besides the line out RCA jacks. I'm not sure on your subs, they used to use rca jacks as speaker inputs so if that is the case, you would run from the amp speaker outputs, a pr of wires(pos and neg to the red and black jacks o the subs(r+,blk-neg) to one sub and another pr to the other sub. I'm not sure if i'm understanding this correctly but the speaker output wires could be on the back of the plate amp because it is made to mount to a sub cabinet. Hope this helps. Maybe someone else can explain it better. Is the plate amp a stereo amp?
The plate amp is a mono unit.After hooking up to the plate-amp,you will need to run the PlateAmp positive to the 1st sub positive+,then run a wire from the Negative on SUB to the POS on the 2nd sub.2nd sub Neg to the PlateAmp Neg.These plate amps are meant to drive 4 ohms and above.Check the impedance:stated is generally 8 ohms with actual impedance at 5-6 ohms.If they are truly 8 ohm,then you could run parallel to the two sub enclosures:jumper the Pos together and the same thing with the Neg on subs.
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