One box music server solution with i2s output

This subject has been visited before, but the last posts were a couple years back and I am hoping there may have been some new products that would meet my needs/wants.

Is there a one box solution for a music server with an is2 output that is Roon compatible? Right now I use a Roon Nucleus usb out > Matrix Audio X-SPDIF3 (as a ddc) i2s out > Audio GD R8 MK2 dac. 

The posts from a couple years ago mentioned a couple units, the best of which for my needs is the Wyred 4 Sound MS. But it is about 5 years since it was released and I'm hoping that someone else has tried to fill this niche with a new product.



Thanks for the suggestions, but both the Hi-Fi Rose and PS audio units would just replace the Matrix Audio I'm using as a ddc now. They do offer more features, but nothing I want or need. It would not reduce the box count.

I'm surprised that there so few options for a Roon core/server with an i2s output. 


In that case think you need to look at something more like the Antipodes, but at a much higher price point.