One DAC/integrated you could be happy with forever?

What's your vote? 
Devialet D1000 - done and done.  Anbout as future proof as can be.

That being said, extensive first hand experience with Devialet and Gryphon suggest the Diablo would be a wrong choice either so long as you go with the Kallisto designed Gryphon DAC too!  Shame they done have an ethernet or streamer option.

I just prefer the all in one wifi, streamer, DAC, amp etc. Two power cords, speaker cables and speakers done!
My 110.00 delivered Arcam rDac works fine. Listen to the music. Not the equipment.
This type of question will evoke 95 different answers per 100 responses....I just bought a used Peachtree Nova for cheap because the guy upgraded.  He felt it was perfect for him at the time, but forever?  Umm, no.
Without a doubt the AYRE E-X 8. Best amp I have ever heard. Does have built in DAC