One DAC to Rule it All

Sorry for the "click-bait" headline. The digital side of my system is an Auralic G1 sending to an OKTO DAC8 Stereo. I like the sound a lot, but I also use a DBX Venu360 digital crossover system to split the signal to my mains and subs. The DBX gets an analog signal from my preamp (Benchmark HP4), but to do its function the DBX unit converts to digital, then back to analog at 96Khz. My question is, since the DBX unit has the capability to receive a digital signal (AES/EBU), would it be better to use just one DAC (DBX) to do it all, or stick with the double converting and keep the OKTO in the system?


Your setup is pretty unique @koestner

I wouldn’t expect many to have experience with this.
I think the biggest contributor to your listening experience is the DBX unit.
Ever entertained trying a good analog crossover like the Marchand Electronics?

Not saying it wouldn’t influence the sound at all, but pretty sure it would influence it less. Then you can actually get a nice dac and hear an improvement.

I use the DBX DriveRack PA2 to control my subs.  In my opinion you are doing it wrong.  Take one output from your preamp and send it full range to your amp.  Take the second output from the preamp and send that to the DBX and use the software on that to set the crossover and levels etc. etc..  Run the subs with the crossover set to the maximum and set the level to approximate what you want but fine tune with the DBX.  The absolute last thing you want to do is have the DBX in between your preamp and your power amp.  The cheap DA/AD converters in it will destroy the quality of your sound but it is completely irrelevant for the subs.  If you don't have two outputs from your preamp I suppose you could always get a y-splitter.

You system is so convoluted that I'm not sure upgrading a DAC is going to make a difference. When it comes to the audio chain, simpler usually is better. I've heard this proven more than once.



I’m with @soix ​​​​@ozzy62 .  Why so involved?  Now, to play Devils Advocate, I doubt that anyone here has actually heard a setup like yours, and your ears are the ultimate judge, but the conversion back and forth would be enough to drive me nuts 

Convoluted? It's really nothing more than an active crossover (in digital form) splitting the signal between my mains and subs at 100Hz. I realize I could send the full range signal to my main speakers, and just use the DBX to the subs, but as I said I had done that for a long time and recently found that keeping the <100Hz from the main speakers gave me a nice increase in resolution. Other than going to a DEQX Premate to do all these features including the DAC from my server, I don't see any other way to get a 48db/oct. slope out to both the mains and subs for a reasonable cost. Also a 48 db/oct crossover in the analog world would be quite a complex and convoluted thing as well.