ONE MINUTE Premium Power Cable Survey

Pssst!  Got a minute?

Share your opinion on premium power cables by taking this one-minute survey.

Results to be shared on this forum a week from now.  Your partisipaion is anonymous.


160 RESPONSES as of this morning!! And, yes, I’ve reviewed every one of them.

Was hoping for a good sample (100) and you guys have exceeded my expectations.

Thanks for the responses -- and, comments.

Some of my power cords are 15 years old. My Don Sachs linestage came with an Ice Age Audio power cord that is huge and really adds some body to the sound. Ordered two more. PS Audio S300, Orchard Audio Starkrimson Ultra and Oppo 105 behaved the same way. They loved them. I'm on a roll! Hooked the Ayre Codex DAC up and...disaster. Lost bass, got bright and spitty. So much worse than the OEM cord. 

Understand the big 10 ga cables helping high power amps. Surprised that they helped the low power draw Oppo, while hurting the low draw Ayre Codex. 

It is possible the unbroken in cable sabotaged the Ayre. But, the one one the Oppo was also brand new. I'll break in the cable and try again. If it works, it will be the first time I've ever had a full loom work.



I took the survey, looking forward to the results.

I fear that the results will show what is already apparent... That there are two camps, those who believe, and those who do not. It'll be interesting to find out if there is much of a middle ground.

Well I will be in the camp  where cables don’t make a difference but I love gorgeous looking cables from AliExpress ☺️😌😂

One minute is too long to spend worrying about power cables that cannot affect sound.  Spend your money on stuff that makes a difference.