One of the great things about Vinyl

Is I find myself listening to recordings all the way through.

Rarely do that with CD's and/or streaming.


Cd easier to swap, change songs. 

LPs’ play side 1 and 2.


sometimes change cds. 

don’t be lazy, if u. Want a different album, swap it after a full side

Same here.

There is something about that unique creation of an electrical signal from a mechanical movement that captures the imagination, perhaps? It still is a bit of a mystery why I can listen to vinyl all day long, but usually end up stopping the digital audio after about an hour, tops. 

GHD Prentice: That used to be true with me for many years, until I finally was able to raise the quality of sound in my digital end to that of my vinyl. Now both are completely engaging and I get wrapped up in the music on a CD or streaming


Well said!  I found exactly the same thing.

Thank you @ddrave44


From some much earlier questions.


My digital and analog ends sound the same… 99+%. I have all Audio Research Reference… and of particular importance the Phono stage and DAC. My turntable cartridge is a Koetsu Rosewood signature… carefully chosen for its detailed but warm organic presentation. So, it is not by accident both sound the same versus equally satisfying but different. Both ends provide the detailed but natural / musical presentation I want.