Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy

Onkyo has filed for bankruptcy. This was a premier brand when I was growing up. 

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@jjss49 Just the folks that depended on this company to earn a living.

bud, give me a break... you don’t seem to understand what bankruptcy filing is... (and that sharp japan bought the remains of onkyo)...

furthermore, part of life is knowing who to hook your wagon to... after years of declining sales, failure of products, losses, anyone surprised and left hanging by this b-k filing is fully deserving of the outcome... it's not like writing hasn’t been on the wall for eons

Never owned an Onkyo product, have listened to few, respect them for PX-100M turntable and some of their Grand Integra series products. It is true that though their pricing was competitive if done with less buttons and frills they could sell much better. Styling was conservative even to late days.


TEAC, Pioneer, Esoteric and some other brands was distributed through Onkyo USA. Just wondering how this distribution will work now. 

Sorry to hear any manufacturer going bankrupt. All serve their purpose in engaging people with their music.  I own a C-7030 CD Player/Transport on my second system and I have tried replacing it but keep coming back to it. Amazing sound to price value.  It’s staying in place and would recommend it to others.

You know jj49, sometimes people just can’t switch jobs like other people change socks.  Day Care arrangements may limit some.  Others may be approaching retirement age and not exactly look like the belle of the ball on a resume.  They may have elderly parents or sick children that limit their mobility., if not their own medical issues as well. Sometimes you gamble that you can ride the sinking ship until it hits your destination out of necessity.