online seller

I recently came across a Chinese online seller which sells (or appears to sell) various vacuum-tube amplifiers, CD players, parts, etc. It carries interesting brands of which I did not hear before (such as Bowei and Sound Track). In order to learn the price, however, one should "sign on", enter a password, etc. Once you are registered and enter your password and user name, you may click on the picture of the respective piece and learn its price...

No way! This function does not work and the PC shows an error. Sending an e-mail using a "contact us" function did not work either.

Finally, I send them an e-mail off their web-site, explained them that my enquiries failed due to some technical problem and asked to answer my questions on several items.

One week had passed and I received the following reply:

..."Thanks for your enquiry.
You can sign up to be a membership then you might check all the price from our web site.
And we will check what's the problem with our email, hope this might help.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Thanks and Regards

I don't imply that they are shady but I am wondering what is the story behind it...
Do you really want to buy equipment of unknown origin from a foreign seller who can't even manage an online web site or answer emails properly?
Why are you feeling compelled to do biz with this guy when you have a wealth of options?