Only $800 to work with streamer/power for 3rd system

I am looking for a preferably one-box or potentially two-box solution that will provide the best sound quality to stream Tidal (ethernet or wireless can work) including MQA and power my existing passive speakers (plus powered sub).  This will be for my office system at work, where I have a solo office in a large building full of other tenants.  So no loud playing most of the time but want good quality, per limited budget.

Speakers will be NHT C1 bookshelf pair with Sunfire SDS8 mini sub.  These are already in house.  Hope to keep the streamer/power solution to $800 total, given the modest speakers.

Other considerations:  Really want 32-bit DAC and MQA capability.  Don't need much power.  Don't need storage or ability to control storage - just Tidal streaming, but want Tidal support natively built-in.  Don't want to use my phone or computer because already using them at work - want the streamer/power solution to handle.  On second thought I guess control app from phone is okay, just don't want to be bluetooth streaming from phone or computer.  Would prefer new, not used, but factory refurbished is okay with warranty.  Won't use other sources, just Tidal.  Don't want multi-channel AVR, only need stereo.

The two options I'm most focused on are Bluesound Powernode 2 or 2i, and the Integra DTM-7 stereo receiver, each of which are single-box solutions.  Other options could be PS Audio Sprout 100 integrated for $600 (or NAD, Marantz, other integrated similar cost?) with a separate streamer, but I'm not aware of a separate streamer for $200 that has a 32-bit DAC and handles MQA.  Yamaha WXAD-10 seemed close but best I can tell (not real clear) I think it has 24 bit DAC and anyway it'd push total closer to $1000 with Sprout.

I am familiar with the Integra DTM-7, as I have the DTM-7 as the HT hub of my current bedroom system, and with its HDMI/Dolby Vision/HDR support it is killer in that role for $650 for a 2-ch setup.  But for Tidal music the sound through the NHT C1's was a little bright and after couple hours slightly fatiguing for me, although doable if that's what I go with for 3rd system (I'd get another DTM-7 for office if that is way I go).  I've since upgraded my 2nd system speakers to Spendor SA1 and they sound great powered by the Integra in system 2, better combination - no more brightness/fatigue.

But now with the NHT C1 speakers freed up for system 3, I'm wondering if I can do better than the Integra for a music-only application for my office.  Has anyone compared sound quality of Bluesound Powernode 2 (or 2i) with the Integra?  Does Bluesound have a warmer sound?  FWIW I know the Integra is class A/B, and I think Bluesound is class D.  Oddly, I think Powernode 2 and 2i share same amplifier and DAC (but 2i includes some new features that I probably wouldn't use - Airplay, etc.), yet What Hifi review claims sound much improved with 2i.  Powersound 2 is $600 now, while 2i is $800.

Or am I overlooking a better solution?  Thank you
Updating a previous comment re TEAC NT-505, I seem to have (fingers crossed) fixed the drop problem by swapping out a 10 ft cat6 Ethernet cable for a 3ft cat7 Ethernet cable ( Amazonbasics, $6). Let’s hope so !

To earlier comment of “buy another one,” I wish!!  Still peeking head out of doghouse from recent purchases haha. 

Back to point of this thread, I’m starting to let mind wander about raising budget to $1200ish which opens more possibilities. Stop it, stick to your guns - but to be thorough you gotta also consider the step up right??  Ahhh, choices ....
Have about 30 hrs and counting without a drop on nt505 ...  really nice sounding unit but I don’t have much of reference point to compare to of similar quality but very happy with it
If I drop the MQA requirement - and from what I can tell so far, 99% of Tidal is non-MQA - I could do a two-box solution for $50 or $150 less than the Powernode 2i. 

Integrated Amp: marantz pm5005: all analog integrated 40 wpc, class AB, $500 new or $400 refurbished. 

Streamer: Yamaha WXAD-10, uses same dac series as Powernode 2i (TI PCM5121 (vs 5122)), analog only outs. Hard to find in US but eBay from UK for $250 gotta see if works in USA without adapter. 

Will be impossible to to compare them head2head though I imagine...
If you're dropping MQA, then Paradigm PW AMP, with room correction,  on sale for $225.00 through Paradigm.  Doesn't have 32 bit.  Have you taken a look at 32bit files sizes? a 6 minute song of 32/384 is 1TB!

If you want a little more power, SVS Soundbase for $500.

It's an office system, so I would think small size would be preferable.  Remember KISS: Keep It Simple, Stupid.

Ordering something on Ebay from UK, that can't be return, is a big gamble.

Ultimately, it's your decision.  Buy something that your comfortable with.
Thanks for those. 

I figured out Yamaha WXAD-10 is a European product, but the Yamaha streamer plus amp WXA-50 for $500 or WXC-50 streamer/preamp for $350 are available in US. 

After reading lots lots of reviews, many with experience relate that the BlueOS operating system is really well above anything else at the price level. I think I definitely need to factor that, and for that reason Powenode 2i probably still leading contender for now ...